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I am obviously not so good at this whole blogging thing. I wonder if I will actually get into the habit of updating at least weekly. I’m thinking I may have to treat this like a third job. The kind that doesn’t pay with money. The kind I have no business having. But the ability to share and express oneself is its own payment. Right? No? Yeah, I’m not convinced, either.

I’ll work on the believability later. For now, however, I have finally created my own custom banner for the blog. I’m still deciding if it is something that I like. I spent so much time trying to create a banner, and I decided that I wasn’t allowed to blog until the banner was done. Now it’s done. But I don’t like it as much as I thought.

Which is why I’m posting. I’m afraid that if I let the banner continue to bother me, I will never get this damn thing going.

If you have a comment, I would like to hear it regarding the banner. But no comments about anything else. Just banner related. I’m not ready for anything else just yet.


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