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The Sweet Life

P1The Sweet Life Bakery, located in downtown Vineland, NJ, made our beautiful wedding cupcake tower. My husband and I have enjoyed many breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon coffee and scones there. They have the best hollandaise sauce I have ever tasted.

However, just like many businesses, the economic downturn has forced them to reduce their business. Starting the week of February 16th, they will only be open for retail business Fridays and Saturdays so that they can focus more time on their cake business (the aspect of their business that is profitable at the moment). That means they will no longer be serving breakfast or lunch, but we can still get a great cup of coffee and some pastry on Fridays and Saturdays.

I wanted to post this in hopes that my friends in the area might continue to support them. They are nice people and have always treated their customers well. I am hoping that they will be able to once again serve breakfast (I will miss that hollandaise sauce) once things turn around.

So, if you are ever in the Vineland area on a Friday or Saturday (they close at 2 on Saturdays, but they are open until 6 on Fridays), stop in for some coffee and a carrot cupcake. Also, they are starting to host cooking classes on Thursday nights.


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When I was first diagnosed with MS, every health care professional warned me against the heat of summer. We happened to have a nice heat wave shortly after I was released from the hospital, and I reacted poorly. Of course, so did everyone else. But, the idea that heat and MS flair-ups were linked was fresh in my mind.

Fast forward five years. The Present.

I’ve had nearly five full winters to generate data points, and, much to my confusion, it turns out the cold agitates my MS more than the record-setting heat we had last summer. My arms and legs feel like they’ve recently been¬†electrocuted. (Those of you who stuck things into outlets as children know this feeling; a strange ache that isn’t really pain, but it remembers pain. There’s not much that can be done about it.)

The ache in my arms makes typing this a bit awkward. So, I’m going to stop now.

See, I’m updating!¬†

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