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I just opened  an Etsy Shop called Paisley’s Frippery. At the moment, I only have one item listed (but I have three of this item in stock).

photo 1

I do intend to add more items in the coming weeks.

However, you, my readers, get a special coupon code for 10% off your first purchase. Just type in dailypaisley1 at check out to receive your discount.


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I’m sitting in a computer lab on campus in a workshop about using WordPress as a learning tool. Hmmm. I already use WikiSpaces as a learning tool. I wonder if WordPress will work better. Perhaps if the students see it as their own and not a group project, there will be more accountability and, maybe, more interest.

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Kilts for All!

My husband and I attended a lovely wedding this past weekend (8/17). On 8/5, a message went out on Facebook with last minute details. It was revealed that most of the men attending the wedding would be wearing kilts. Not wanting my husband to be left out, I marched myself over to the local Jo-Ann Fabrics during Teacher Appreciation Week (extra 25% off pretty much everything) to buy the supplies necessary to make a kilt.

I found this YouTube video very helpful:

I went fabric shopping on 8/10. I was, of course, nervous that I would not find any tartan patterns that didn’t look like Christmas. I found two.
A quick text message to the husband and I bought five yards of the green. I spent about $20 on the fabric and notions, and I have enough fabric left over to make myself something. Probably a pleated skirt since I know how to do that now.

I began with cutting the fabric almost in half length wise (as the video suggests). Luckily, plaid has built-in guides for cutting in a straight line. I also have a rotary cutter, which makes life much easier.

Since my fabric only has one salvage edge, I began by hemming the other three sides. I didn’t want to hem after the pleats were sewn in.


Then came the fun part: the pleats. I pleated about three or four times before I got it to look the way I wanted.


I finished the kilt before 5pm. I was darn proud of myself.

I spend the next week looking all over the house for my husband’s poet shirt. My mother and I made him a Renaissance ensemble before we were married. I found the other pieces, but no shirt. So, on 8/16 (remember, the wedding was on 8/17), I decided to make him a new shirt.

The end results were not perfect, but he looked good. At least, I think so.

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I’ve been wanting to write a memoir about the times I had with my sister. I had (have) no idea how I want to go about it, how I want it to look, or how I want it to feel. I know I am tired of writing about the end of her life. I’d rather write about the living part.

When I moved out of my parents’ house and into my husband’s house, I remembered a tiny mason jar my sister gave me for Christmas one year. She called it a memory jar; it was filled with slips of paper with short phrases written on them. These phrases would trigger a memory and laughter.

I think this summer, with a number of other projects (including a hypertext), I’m going to write out the memory that each slip of paper represents. I will post the drafts here, and I hope I will get some constructive criticism  My sister’s story wants so much to be told, and I want it told right. I know I have some pretty talented people reading this. 

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